Get paid to share your validation solution connection with the world.

go9Tro brings the Internet to new places using blockchain and wireless mesh technology.

Earn Cryptocurrency Daily 

go9Tro Wireless  customers validate Data daily for providing and validating wireless coverage with their Hotspot/Hub. 

Data validation can be converted to publicly traded cryptocurrencies. (Ethereum) Spring 2021

Customers will receive weekly deposits of Ethereum based on percent of validations one the entire network . This a customer shared reward program.

There is no limit on how many Data validations the network can earn each customer weekly. Everyday billions of data packets transact globally.

50 billion devices are connected to the internet as of 2020.

2020 has been a Bull market for cryptocurrencies.

The more hubs deployed in your area the move data validations the network will produce. Although internet is not required in some areas it is suggested to excel the network data validations.

As a Pre-Qualified City Developer you receive a suite of marketing tools to increase your income opportunity on social media and in your city of representation.

2021 City Developer Summit is in Park City Utah*.

There are four ways to ways to earn

1. Data Validations with gateway services.

2. Affilaite link customer purchases

3. Rank Advancement in VAR program 

4. Global Ethereum Sharing Pool 


goTro Wireless in NOT a MLM , or Network Marketing program. 

We offer NO income guarantees with any of our services or programs.

All incomes are based on individuals efforts.

Reward Validations 

Data Validation is required for sending data on the network. Each customer is rewards as a host for active data hubs.

Data Validation deposits are done weekly in your Ethereum wallet.

Data Validations are created by transfers of data to the cloud.

Once you convert data credits to crypto, deposit your crypto on Crypto Visa Card or HODL.


go9Tro City Mission

Being an early adopter gives you access to monetization through the building and maintaining of the network.

As the network is being built, go9Tro Lora Hubs also can be deployed Internationally .

Long Term Vision: Global Free Internet, Global Free Cellular, Global Cable Services, Global Education Channels.

Our goal of 10,000 city locations representing buildings, malls, towers, offices, homes, school, and churches represents a 5 year rollout plan .


All locations qualify for daily data credits per Hotspot hosted. 

City leaders receive monthly data overrides from all data credits used in their city by securing, and helping deploy the global network.

go9Tro Wireless is looking for City Leaders to help 

manage and deploy LongFi Mesh networks globally.

*Covid19 Status Pending Approval limited to 30  City Developers Utah Covid19 Requirements for gatherings

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